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it may be important to understand the internet requirements Patrick. The service providers that can help you with that solution have been named. But there may be other cheaper alternatives to bring a solution to your doorstep

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you are very rich. the thing costs thousands of bucks. plus some high instalation fees on top. if u are an individual dont bother.  u can try telone , zol, econet just to name a few.
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Don't be misleading, gone are the days when VSAT used to cost thousands of dollars. These days there is iWay and Telone, Zol is a bit expensive when it comes to month on month charges and I have never heard of Econet VSAT service.
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did you read my reply? maybe you didnt understand. i talked about cost and instalation. not monthly subs. the hardware from telone costs $600. plus instalation at i didnt ask, i just walked out. maybe what, 200, 300 bucks more? zol i wont even talk. they said 1500. plus instalation charged at some 10 bucks per kilometer from their bulawayo office. i love my internet but as an individual with a small coding company, that's high. as an individual, i'd rather use my sim card. it's too expensive
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