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il be strait with you. as a self taught computer programer now with references as high as the president's office, none of them.

ive written code that NUST students cant even  comprehend, their lecturers are basicaly worthless. UZ is the same, MSU is worse.

for what u need to become a top coder, no skul can give you.

it'l be better if you invest your money in online courses. try Lynda.com. or use google. a lot.

if u know u have it in u, code for companies, organizations, approach them, build yo rep.

dont waste yo time with skul.
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You may be good but if you are ever going to code for REPUTABLE companies or organisations, you need qualifications and credentials. You can't just walk up to them and say "I am self taught and I am better than a graduate from UZ"!.
i dont like arguing. anyway, reputable coding companies dont hire u because u have a degree from UZ. in programing, a qualification means nothing. wat you call the best coding company in Zim sells Weebly templates to customers. and most of them end up at my doorstep.
u didnt read my reply. if you have what it takes, code a project, go pitch it for econet. code a project. launch it for free. code a project for government departments. you'l make contacts through it. if you need school to learn anything about compĆ¼ting, then computing is not your field.

p.s. i dropped out of high school in form 3.
today, i code for several ministries. private companies. nust, uz, msu students. schools.

and ive never spent a day in a computing class.
you dont need qualification, u need skill, commitment, dedication.

i help out a lot of post graduates during job interviews. most of them get fired during probation.

on to the reputable companies.
google doesnt care about qualifications.
yahoo doesnt, microsoft dont, apple dont. i could go on.
their interviews are based on their open coding challenges around the web. on watching github, stack, xda for talent. and then they call you in.

im not saying school is worthless.  but a school in this field will be a waste of time.
it took me 1 year to get my first contract with stanbic zim.

i got called in by nust graduates to help on a project. irony.
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I am a person who is accustomed to proof, not hot air.
the president's office.
stanbic bank zimbabwe.
NUST computing and It dept.
ZRP pghq.
Bulawayo Polytech.
Dominican convent Bulawayo.
Manama high school gwanda.
Manama hospital Gwanda.
The Ministry of health, Mat south pmd office.
Neoaxis - Russia.
Google's AOPK project.

those are my references.
 my name is van lee chigwada. ask around.
by Guru (26.2k points)
Pretty impressive resume techspy007 but I think that saschacul23 wants a stepping stone. Having a desire and having a gift are different. You have a gift that is obvious. Your desire unlocked it but for those who fail to unlock their inner potential need institutions to help them rise. Or better off they need Nerds like yourself techspy007. Such can be your apprentice and with your high value at should take individuals like saschacul23 a short time to unlock their inner potential.
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Lee is right, for you to be a good programmer you must have will to do it. some things you cant learn it, its in you. the best people in some careers didnt have to go to college to learn their trades. BILL GATES, in software. James Cameroon , Peter Jackson in film. so i encourage to start coding now. dont wait for someone to teach you. start now. use your brains to the maximum. imagine things, imagine apps, websites,etc and do it.
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You see, that's the problem. People refer to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc but these guys' cases are EXTRAORDINARY! Not everyone is going to end up like them, that is why they are the talk of the whole world. Millions have tried to emulate them and failed. I encourage everyone to get proper education then use your will and talent to achieve greater heights.
life has no formula. and we cant all be bill gates but thats not an excuse not to try. aim for the star, you fail, you'l land on the moon.
im no bill gates. i aint rich, but im enjoying wat i do, and i shared my honest opinion and pathway to it.  and school is a waste of time. i'l forever stand by that.
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I hate to agree with techspy007(bcoz l enjoy arguing with, he knows it) bt l have to agree with him on this one based on on my personal experience!

I grew up and did all my schooling in rurals. My education is very basic "0" Levels. I never used a computer until when l moved to EU. My knowledge of computers was purely driven by desire and self taught. From my self taught knowledge, l now specialise in building high speed networks and private cloud for oil and gas industries.

I meet pple everyday who have degrees in computers bt lacks the desire which is the core. People are getting into computers because everyone things thats where money is. True bt if you lack passion you will not go far. I do not look at my payslip as the driving motive, l love what lm doing and luck to get paid for it.
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So the answer to the question is simply, "Ditch school and teach yourself!".......brilliant!!!
by Guru (88.1k points)
Know what you want and follow your instings!!
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