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I need steps on how to download WATTS-UP or use blackberry browser WITH OUT WIFI-CONNECTION,USING MY EDGE FROM ECONET ZW.

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To access 3G services using your blackberry hotspot browser just follow these very simple steps, you dont have to pay anybody a single dime when you can DIY.

What you need:
(a) Blackberry Desktop software (PC suite)
(b) A customized service book (*.ipd file) you can download it from this link http://www.geocities.ws/nick6974/Browser_via_TCP_all_network_beta_V1.1.ipd
(c) Your network access point settings

Now lets do it:
(step1) Connect your blackberry to your PC and ensure that it has been picked up by your PC suite. Please note I am using Blackberry Desktop Software for windows version which is freely downloadable from BlackBerry downloads.
(step2) Save the service book (*.ipd) file you downloaded and place it in its own folder on your desktop. You can give the folder any name you like.
(step3) On your Blackberry phone go to settings>advanced options>service book
(step4) Under the service book menu hold the alt key down while you press 'S' 'B' 'E' 'B'. Dont be slow at it, you will see the message "Legacy SB Restore Enable" on your screen
(step5) On your Blackberry Desktop Manager click Device>Restore
(step6) In the window that appears change the backup folder to the folder that contains the service book (*.ipd file)
(step7) Still on that window under 'Select Data to Restore' click on to activate 'Select Device Data and Settings
(step8) In the drop down menu that appears make sure you tick 'Service Book'
(step9) Click Restore and watch the restoration bar complete.
(Step10) Once restoration is complete, on your blackberry phone go to Settings>Advanced Options>Browser and change the Default browser configuration from 'Hotspot Browser' to 'Browser'
(Step11) Still under Advanced options scroll down and select TCP/IP, under TCP/IP tick APN settings and enter econet.net as your IPN (assuming you are on the Econet Network. ***Do not tick 'APN Authentication Enabled'
(Step12) Go to your Blackberry Browser click the >> button and click options. Make sure the browser configuration is 'Browser'. Save Browser options and exit.
(Step13) Rebbot your phone (take out the battery and put back again)

HAPPY BROWSING... Now you can visit whatsapp.com and download your whatsapp freely.
The steps are very simple and helpful. I have managed to download whatspp & other blackberry applications using EDGE Econet, without WIFI. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
boss sando dzenyu,thanx it worked the world needs people like you
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you're the best... thank you very much
hey i tried this, and yeah the browser worked fine before i rebooted. The instant i reboot, it loses the broswer service books, and im back without the browser. happens only when it reboots. until then its fine. Any ideas? I've gone mad trying to figure this out ! Try youur luck maybe ?
***** remunhu, uri kutitadzisa kuita mari
fusekiiii kuda mari too-much nxa!!! ulizanga lomuntu get a life!!!
The fastest way to backup/restore Service  Book on your BlackBerry (no need to remove Browser Module)
Enable Legacy SB Restore mode
Go to Options > Advanced Options > Service Book
hold ALT and press S B E B
(with 1/2 qwerty model hold ALT and press S S B E B)
(with touch screen model  hold  [!?123]  until it show lock icon and press  4  ?  2  ? -  mean ALT SBEB )

you will see the message Legacy SB Restore Enable.
After that you can free to backup/Restore Service Book on your BlackBerry.
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Basically u apply a little tweak/hack to the bb using preconfigured service books and desktop manager
if u are still having problems...Come corner cnr 4th and central call this number 0774807374 or 0772416412 when at the gate of kaguvi building..
Whatsapp us on r 0772416412 or 0734533859, call 0774807374 or Email nyacent@gmail.com...visit us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/SGGSGG ...settings is just a simple process of updating the apn on the tcp ip section of settings but i can tweak your blackberry so much that it will download with your data line instead of wifi....
Those steps are correct and helpful even that "Come to corner blah blah" that's what he was going to do yet somebody told him how to stop being mean offer solutions or acquired freely for once thanks for the answer
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