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I am new to domain registration. what are the advantages of using a local TLD .co.zw than using a .com or .co.za.

please help with links if possible for best domain registrars.

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From my understanding the localised domain also known as a ccTLD (.co.zw) optimises search engine responses when someone searches for you locally. It will be given preference when you optimize your website for search engines. Based on the region that the search is made from the Search Engine will get a hint if your domain is a ccTLD. I read this from an article on domain study. I quote "Any authoritative international SEO guide will elaborate on the differences between the options of subdirectory, subdomain, and country-code top level domain (CCTLD). One of the most common suggestions is for a site to opt to use a ccTLD (e.g. domain.co.uk) as the domain extension. The reasoning behind this is the theory that the ccTLD extension will "hint" to search engines and users exactly who your target audience should be versus the other, less explicit options. For example, a search engine and human user would know, even without clicking into a site, that a site that ends with .co.uk is targeting a user looking for UK content.

We have solid data from Google that a ccTLD does indicate country targeting; however, when it comes to users there is only an assumption that users even notice and make choices based on the ccTLD. However, this is a fairly broad assumption that doesn't address whether a ccTLD is more important than a brand name in the domain or the quality of a website's content. To test this theory, we ran a survey to discover what users really thought."
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Thats how google does it,  if you want to make money out of it, its worth considering.
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technicaly, none. use whatever you want. if .com is available, get that. if not, use .co.zw or whatever. it doesnt affect much except for maybe one being the traditional people are used to. the .com one. use whatever domain
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