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Which address did you use? If you used your home address then you can wait for the "package/parcel mail slip" to arrive from the Post Office telling you you have a package at the Post Office. If no additional charges are applicable then you can collect it right away or you might be required to pay the applicable duty, tax and a handling fee (usually $10).

If you were issued with a tracking number you can track your package using either http://track-chinapost.com/ or http://ips-webtracking.zimpost.co.zw/trackit/
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Not sure if its true but l heard that if you think you package is now in Zim but you are yet to receive the slip, you can go to post office with your id, pay a search fee and they look to see if the package us within there custody
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Thank you, so I pay the duty right at the Post office?
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Yes. You might also have the option to pay the duty yourself but it's not something you want to do. The savings are minimal and the pain of navigating that system is great. It is far much better for you to pay them the $10 handling fee.
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