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3 Answers

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answered by Guru (88.1k points)
Serial number alone is not enough if you cannot physically inspect the laptop. You need some form of tracking software preinstalled before it was stolen and then the laptop access the internet. With luck, you might find it if ip geo location work well too.

But that can all be defeated if the thief removes the hard drive and replace it with new one.
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answered by Expert (14.5k points)
What my dear friend is trying to tell you is you are screwed. Unlike with cellphone tracking, laptop tracking is easily defeated by the fact that some thieves never use the internet and they almost always wipe the whole thing down.
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answered by Regular (4.9k points)
Simple answer would be NO. They will not track your stolen laptop using serial number only. Unless they go laptop by laptop checking the serial number..even then you still wouldn't find it. sorry
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