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I need their ADSL to be connected to my house.
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l tried to partial, l checked out the Savannah Telecoms, still not convinced. They depend on Telone lines  and just put a markup price. They cannot even match the cheapest reasonable deal from TelOne deal for $89 unlimited adsl.

So why would l sign with them when l can get a better service from TelOne directly. Furthermore, they sound like a one man show.
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Business it's about competition if I want Telone Broadband I go to Telone. But if I want Savanna Telecom broadband I go  to Savannah Telecom. Why should I go to Telone where I will be paying $89 unlimited with a download speed of up to 1Mbps? While I can get it at Savannah Telecom at $65 unlimited with a download speed of up to 4Mbps. The way things are done at Savannah Telecom is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them. If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business. Whether it's a one man band or not does not put bread and butter on my table. What I need is Easy, Fast and Flexible broadband to meet my business needs and Savannah Telecom fit the bill.
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You seem to know the internal workings of Savannah Telecom! I did though check the $65 package you mentioned but l cannt seem to find it anywhere:


Are you salesman/women? This is turning out to be advertising...
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After Chipunza's partial inquiry I hope he knows now where to find Savannah Telecom. To those who don't know Savannah Telecom can be contacted on +263-4-211509. Savannah Telecom leaders in unified communication.
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With due respect on the document you attached if you scroll down to Savannah Family Starter Pack (Uncapped) you will see that their unlimited packages start from $65. This was in response to your marketing gimmick of Telone products instead of answering the question. Do you work for Telone since there is Chipunza who works for Telone? It seems like all your answers advertise Telone products.
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I did overlooked that actually thinking it was a wifi only product. But you still rely on TelOne old copper cables  to provide this!

Which areas do you cover by the way?

I do know him and l have met him but we are not related at all and l think his name is Tafara Chipunza. He is more professional than lm.

If you have been here long enough you would not be accusing me of biasing towards TelOne. I just give credit where its due.

I can test drive your product if you can give coverage map then see if lm within your servicing are. lm good at it trust me!!
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Savannah Telecom provide broadband services all over Zimbabwe. Where there is Telone, Savannah Telecom is there. Actually I am not accusing you of anything but I am encouraging you to research your data before you cast aspersions upon other organisations.

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TelOne is the only current provider of adsl
asked May 4, 2016 in ICT Services by anonymous Do you know what you are talking about?
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