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Who told you that Telone is the only company which offers ADSL in Zimbabwe? For your own information there are two companies offers ADSL in Zimbabwe that is Telone and Savannah Telecom. If you continue to tarnish our company by paddling wrong information we will sue you. You need to verify your information first before you present it to the public regarding our company. We have been losing business because of what you wrote on this platform. You need to check with Telone business development team or wholesale department before you wrote anything regarding Savannah Telecom.
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By the way, are you linked to BT(British Telecoms} in any way?
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Oh pliz! If you really are a tech company then you suck big time! Not even a website. Google cannot even find you and somehow whatever is written on this forum has resulted in you loosing business. If you do have a website then Good Lord fire your SEO guy.

You do not even appear on the list of Zimbabwean ISPs anywhere. You know you need a Potraz Licence to be an ISP right?

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I would like to second Mcdonald here. Posting such threats to dissuade people fro freely discussing an issue is something that is so commonplace in the physical space of our country. Your vague threats and bullish show your ignorance of the law. To sue someone you have to prove damages as well as culpability! Not only that you have to prove that the person you are suing is responsible for said losses as well.

What losses did you suffer? And are you sure it's because people are reading material on this site or because your service is pathetic or your advertising sucks! I have been blogging about Technology for close to a decade and don't know who you are! How do you expect "normal" people to know about you then.

I am incensed at your weak attempts to dissuade people from expressing their honest. I kindly ask that you refrain from making such threats and instead engage in open, frank and constructive dialogue instead of threatening to unleash lawyers.
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Garikai your attitude is very important because, your behaviour radiate how you feel. However, pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for. I will maintain what I said and take it as a warning as well to anyone who cast aspersions upon our company. Hence, we don't discourage people to say their opinion but we encourage them to do their research first before they say things which will end up not to be true. This platform is for people who don't guess their answers. The way you have contributed to this thread shows that your acumen is very shallow. Not knowing the truth doesn't make you ignorant. Not wanting to know the truth is what makes you ignorant. Thank God you are not in our league.
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You also need to do your homework before you post threats! Zimbabwe struck off defamation laws a while back according to the constitutional court.
It will be interesting where you will get your emotions heard.

What is it with Kuwadzana area?? Last time we had a Saith Techonology guy having visions when he was growing up in Kuwadzana, now you!!

Lets get technical shall we...
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If you are a serious company please provide the following so that we can get a handle of who you really are:

1. What is your:
Afrinic handle
who is the admin-c
who is the tech-c

2. What is your public IP block?

3. What is your AS?

4. Who  are your peering neibhours?

5. How resilient is your core network, what IGP protocol are you using?

Otherwise you are just an overlay company! To the ISP you are pig-backing on, you are just another customer, more like a salesman to them. Actually Telone benefit more because they will still charge your so called customers line rental, or you have to pay it yourself on behalf of your customer.

There is nothing special about that!
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Uuuuuuuu I'm very scared!!

Handityiswe zvekumhanya. So you are saying these last 3 days you posted your adverts here l drove your business into loss?  You must be crazy. Post with your real name and we will engage and even meet in court.
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We are not in the habit of going around threatening people. But those we warned we like them because Innovation distinguishes us between a leader and a follower. Yes we work with all major telecommunication brands in the UK including BT. We have also recently partnered up with 3CX Phone System to distributor their PBX in Zimbabwe. Visit www.3cx.com and learn more.
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Where have I been!
Savanna should not be threatening people period.

Looks like a tel*one reseller, they had an excercise not long back where they were looking for foot soldiers to sell tel*one products.
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You missed out! It was interesting having threats being thrown everywhere....

But he have gone quiet now
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LOL.... pakaipa!

I was just checking with some of my buddies at real ISP's and IAP's and not a single bit of information about peering, AS etc.

Then I checked with a few data centers (slow tuesday!) nothing, finally called Utande told them I need to make a connection in their "meet me" room, seeing as Pegasus house houses the most ISP's.
Anyway long story short Utande was like we are sorry, who do you want  to connect with?!?

The thing that Savanna should have done is come up with a quick deployment model, hectically good customer support and sold it on the basis of pay extra for the support or whatever.  The problem with trying to lie about technology in Zimbabwe is some of us have way too much time on our hands to investigate claims.
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We have tones and tones of time on our hands to play with. Technology especially ISP gets me excited. I know what it takes to build a ISP network because l just finished building one 2months ago from scratch.

Savannah is a dream company, 700MB monthly bandwidth might sound a lot to the un-initiated but to me lm like what?? A company boasting of that misely little bandwidth.

l hope he\she comes back and we continue our interesting conversation
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Lets see the big three at the moment are Liquid, Dandemutande and Powertel. With Tel*One somewhere in there..
I looked over the POTRAZ report and nothing about Savanna bringing in IP transit.  No registered VSATS, no registered Fiber.  So where are you getting bandwidth from.?

Every single hotspot you mention is owned by Tel*One.
So simply said, you are a reseller.  No benefit besides paying more for the same product.

Savannah Telecom is Zimbabwe’s leading Internet Service Provider. We offer a range of affordable, high quality managed communication solutions and Internet connectivity to customers all over Zimbabwe. Where everyone has to be connected.We provide FIBRE, ADSL, VSAT and wireless Internet services to a large range of clients from multi-national enterprises to home users. We address each client’s needs on a one by one basis, with a strategic approach backed by technical expertise and advanced solution capabilities.

Founded in 2012, we have become one of the largest ISPs in Zimbabwe, tripling in size in just few months. We provide over 700Mbps of Internet bandwidth per month, run over two continent,employ over 200 staff across offices nationwide and host over 5,000 domain names. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) and support desk is open 24/7/365.

Savannah Telecom also operates over 100 Savannah Wi-Fi hotspots that enable anyone to access broadband Internet on the go. Access fast and reliable Internet in all the major hotels, coffee shops, malls and more, using Savannah Wi-Fi airtime scratch cards or free access codes from our partner Savannah Wi-Fi providers.
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