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Banks are currently not processing TFTs. Does anyone know of any local banks that are currently processing TFT's allowing me to import a car from Japan?

Most banks I know are taking 2-3 weeks for a transfer, while BeForward holds a car for you for 48hrs.

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2 Answers

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l think you already have answered yourself! The other way l can think is to find someone, say in SA or outside Zim who can buy it for you and pay using his her outside country bank account.
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Yes, most banks are failing to do transfers because their 'nostro accounts' are not funded or have very little foreign currency.

There are some banks that will process a transfer for you, so long as you go their with the physical cash for the payment that you want to make. They do not recognise cash in the bank, as they seem to just treat them as numbers.

However, they will only do this for you so long as you are an account holder with them. Ask around from the banks "if I bring you physical cash, how quick will you process my transfer" and go there with the cash when you want to transact.

Let us all know how it goes when you've done it successfully.
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