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in Computer Hardware by new here (870 points)
Thinking of getting a gaming laptop but I'm not sure of what features will do. Should I get an 'ordinary' laptop and then 'pimp' it?

Any recommendations for what is the best gaming laptop available locally?

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2 Answers

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it all depends on which games you want to play. For an ultimate gaming machine, i would recommend buying a laptop cause it limits your in some way like you cant upgrade the Graphics adapter. But if you want one, buy an Alienware gaming laptop.

Just for the specs only make sure you have the following:

Latest Intel Core i7 Processor
8G RAM or more
a very good SSD with good R/W speeds
A GeForce GTX 970 graphics adapter or better

Just so you know, if u want to pimp a machine, get a desktop. You can pimp it however you like much more easily than a laptop.
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For a gaming machine, be it a laptop or desktop you need to look at the following components.

Graphic Card
Hard Drive

1. Processor
If you are a gamer and play high end games, then you will need and INTEL processor like a core i7. If finances are limiting go for an Intel core i5, but it may not be as fast as a core i7.  Do not, go for a machine with an AMD processor as they are not fast enough.

2. Graphic Card/ GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
A good graphic card is a must, and you have a number of options and popular selections included AMD Radeon HD and NVIDIA Geforce GTX gpus.  Any of the NVIDIA GTX 700 and 800 series is also good.

3. RAM
Get as much RAM as your finances will allow, preferably 8GB.  The minimum threshold is 4GB for a good experience.

4. Hard Drive
A large Hard drive is a must, since games require a lot of space, at least 1 TB.  If you end up having to buy external hard drives the gaming wont be as fast as it should be.

I my personal opinion it is better to buy a gaming laptop than to try and pimp it yourself, unless you are really skilled or you have a skilled technician to help you.I repeat that is my own preference
by new here (100 points)
If you only want to play games tge order of importance for components is
1 gpu
2 ram
3 cpu

make sure your mother board is compatable with the cpu. You also need to know if you have the right type of ram newer motherboards use ddr4 ram
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