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can i just get the code from potraz straight?

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Unfortunately you can't get one from POTRAZ directly. You will have to get one from a MNO.

Try going through Forget Me Not Africa (forgetmenotafrica.com). They will make the process of getting a shortcode from Econet much easier and will make the arrangements to present your idea to Econet's VAS department (believe me, few people are able to go that far). If you decide to go this route, your first step will be to sign up as a developer on http://forgetmenotafrica.com/developers/.

The process of getting a shortcode in Zim is never easy & I wish you luck. I am in the process of getting a shortcode for my website http://www.ipaidabribe.org.zw using this route and have even been invited to make a presentation to Econet VASs so I might be able to offer you some help if you need some tips.
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shame on you mobile providers, taking into consideration econet took a while to get their license does mean if has to make it tough for everyone else to get a short code
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Look out for http://www.m.binu.com, the mobile application start-up that will soon be inviting developers to develop apps for its current 160,000 monthly active users, to which their will be a 70/30 revenue share in favour of the developer.

Users buy what are called biNu credits and soon they will be able to access these credits in the form of recharge vouchers as ANY supermarket as well as EVERY street corner for as little as $1 for 50 biNu credits. Currently Users are using their credits to send local (1 credit) and international (2 credits).
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