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So I just bought a chrome book and I am enjoying tweaking it and getting it to meet my needs. I have been wondering if it is possible to install some windows specific softwares on the cloud (I have 125 gig on Google drive). And running them off the cloud. Yes.  I am almost always connected to High speed internet

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The "cloud" is one of those things that everyone says but no one really knows what they mean. It means a lot of things from VPS to SaaS. So what do you really mean?
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Your question is much clear now but as the answer below points out installing windows specific software is not possible. You should know that it's possible to install Google Play apps on the Chrome Book now. That should cover most Windows apps including Office (you can use Office 365), Adobe has a cloud version etc.
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If you want to install Windows programs like office on chromebook then the answer is NO, you need WINE. Chrome is based on Linux and there is no direct relationship between windows.

Even when you have Google Drive thinking you can install there since you said you have 125G and fast internet, the answer is still NO,   you need WINE on your chromebook because the underlying cloud infrastructure is Openstack which is Apache project
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