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Dear Macdonald,

You may have seen press reports that a London employment tribunal has ruled two drivers who use Uber should be classified as workers, not self-employed.

A recent poll of 1,000 drivers who use our app found that the overwhelming majority prefer being self-employed and joined Uber precisely because they want to be their own boss. Drivers want the freedom to decide where, when and for how long to drive: being classified as workers could deprive them of the personal flexibility they value.

Last month drivers who used our app in the UK made on average over £16 per hour in fares, after our service fee. Even after deducting costs, this is well above the national living wage.

We’re proud that Uber has created flexible opportunities for thousands of people to make money when and where they want. It’s why we are appealing this decision.

Jo Bertram

Regional General Manager, Uber UK
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Geek economy is where business is formed and run via apps, no face to face we are used to, where technology is the driver behind the economy or model of business.

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