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I was looking around for a mobile phone signal booster or repeater in my hope to solve issues of signal problem when lm in the rural areas.
I came to know about cells, which is the  way phone boosters or base stations are arranged to serve a area or controlled.

Micro cells cover a larger area up to some kilometers like 10 - 50

Pico cells boost signals up to few hundred meters

femto cells are mainly for indoors signal boost

I got interested with femto cells because they are affordable, and you can get one for your car which plugs into the cigarette  charge and you can have a full good signal as you drive your car around.

One interesting claim is that by having a signal booster  near your, you can actually save your phone battery as it will not use a lot of power trying to maintain a uplink signal. Also, there is a claim that if youcan connect to 3G it will serve your battery because if its receiving a 2G signal but its a 3G capable phone, in the background it will continuously scan for 3G  connection hence using more battery power.

So, l started wondering, which finishes my battery quickest, a far away base station or a wifi

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