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I love music some people might call relic, added  to that is Mapfumo's music up until 1998.

I was excited to see that he have an online shop where you can buy his music, not that l do not know how to download from youtube and other sources but l feel he needs to be supported and the only way  to give him that support is to buy his music directly from him and money going into his pocket.

There is choice to buy full album or just individual tracks. My first trial my a total disaster. I bought a track which was never delivered. It was only $0.90 and paid via paypal. I emailed Chimurenga store and never got any reply from them.

I then contacted PayPal with a request for refund and they responded straight away saying they are going to investigate. I was kept upto date and within a week PayPal concluded l did actually paid for a service which was never delivered and l got my money back. I reclaimed the money not that l was desperate, but l just wanted Mapfumo and Co to learn and correct their behaviour.

That was about 7 months ago. Fast forward to today, l went back to the store again to try the process. Sure l chose the track l wanted, added it to basket and click checkout then paid using paypal. In less than 30seconds l got a email thanking me for buying music and a click link to download my music.

Well done Gandanga! l ended up buy a lot of tracks, some l didnt know even existed

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