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The internet have no owner!

Internet comes from very large ISP and or large enterprise organisations who can interconnect with each and not pay anyone. This is easily illustrated by grouping them into groups:

These  are very large ISPs who owns vast tracks of cables,  both inland and undersea cables. They do not connect directly with  customers, but do sell bandwidth connection to Tier 2 ISPs and big organisations. They have presents in lots of international regions and and interconnect with others at IXP(Internet eXchange Point), examples are Liquid Telecom, TelOne through its shareholding of  EASSY (Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System)

Tier 2
These are smaller ISP who buys access to international or regional connection from tier 1 ISPs. They do not own any undersea cables or vast track of cable but do have customers who wants to access the internet.  PowerTel,  is good example.

Tier 3
These buy internet from tier 2 and sell it to customers and companies who wants internet. Africom comes to mind.

But Zimbabwe is not clear case in this tiering of ISPs, even though TelOne can be grouped into Tier 1, it is also directly involved in selling internet to public and anyone who can afford it. This can be because of the economic situation we in.

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