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asked in Mobile Banking by Regular (2.2k points)
Are Foreign issued MasterCard and Visa cards accepted by merchants in Zimbabwe?

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3 Answers

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answered by Guru (88.1k points)
I just paid my TelOnes adsl using a foreign issued Mastercard. Although Telone only accept Eco and Telecash, l bought recharge card via paynow.co.zw

I have to say l was over impressed! The whole process from buying recharge card, getting pin, and recharging it via Telone  online website took less than 5mins

And l did at midnight since my internet was cut of that time, within 7mins l had my internet back without any human intervention at all.

Well impressed!!
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answered by Guru (88.1k points)
Overally the answer is yes! I once paid DSTV using my foreign Visa Electron issued card, No problem at all at their HQ

I also used to pay dinner using my Mastercard and got charged $2.50 by Mastercard for the service which l think is very reasonable.

I know Mohammed Musa accepts foreign cards but at certain time of the day like from the time they open till 12 mid day.

I tried OK and the till lady there was even scared to look at it, l will give a try again and see how it goes!

Also Total in Samora Machael takes foreign credit cards
commented by Expert (14.5k points)
I know for a fact that OK accepts Visa cards and it has always worked for me.
commented by Guru (88.1k points)
Is it local or foreign, it was a while ago l tried my foreign Mastercard and Visa?
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answered by Guru (26.2k points)
I have used my UK acquired MasterCard to buy from Supermarkets; Ok, PicknPay, Horizon Ivato. Almost every Shop that uses Swipe I have used it without problems, works via ZimSwitch too. no need to use the MasterCard/Visa option for my card.
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