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i would like to download whatsaap on my pc but the sites i'm getting when i google does not support pc download

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You can run whatsapp on PC by using BlueStacks App Player - a windows based android pc emulator visit  http://bluestacks.com/ . Its a free application.

If you are interested in using WhatsApp right on your PC follow these instructions:

1. Download BlueStacks App Player for Windows PC.

2. After you have downloaded the above software, start installing it and it will start downloading its package from the internet.

3. So after downloading it will install and now you will see their user interface, now you have to sign up for your new account or if you already have their account than you can login.

4. Now just search for WhatsApp or find it from the popular downloads hovering right above in the Rocket Dock, after you find it click on it and it will start downloading the app.

5. After WhatsApp is installed click on it and you will see a Terms and Conditions page where you have to click on Agree and than you will be on their main phone verification page.

6. You will need a secondary sim card for it to work, i.e you have to use a line that is not already on whatsapp. If you use your primary sim number whatsapp won't work on your mobile phone.
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Point 6. is the only drawback to this emulator.......if there was a way of running it parrallel to your actual primary number that would be great.
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Thats true man, and its the main reason why I decided not to use this method for my whatsapping.
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in order to download Whatsapp for pc, we will need an Android simulator, and Bluestacks is an excellent choice.
first step will be to follow up this guide: https://whatsappformypc.com/
So, after that you need to download Bluestacks from their official website and look for the application that is well-matched with the desktop configuration.
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thus true, whatsapp is not natively supported on a pc. When you try to download, whatsapp  developers have made it easy for users to download and install by making sure that a correct version is being downloaded.

Lets say you have an Android phone, whatsapp will detect that and the server will fetch a android version without much effort from you, same like if you have a symbian version.

The website will most likely fingerprint every connecting device so that it serve it with the correct version, which is where your problem begins, whatsapp is a moble phone app only, if you connect using a pc, the server will detect that and reject it nicely giving you a msg

l understand there are now software available which you can  install first then run whatsapp on top, but they are not free
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Are you trying to download whatsapp for desktop or you are trying to download for instance Nokia whatsapp on a PC and transfer it to the mobile gadget? EG this link is a link for whatsapp for most nokia phones: http://www.whatsapp.com/nokia/
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bluestacks wont wont its designed for mobiles only
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