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I am running a small community wifi hotspot, it doesnt have any hotspot management  software so anyone with the password can connect. Now some boy (john) have been using some android application which fools every user phone on the network into thinking John's fone  is the router, so all the users try and connect through it, and John's fone drops all these packets, and it becomes the only one that can connect to the wifi. Is there a way of countering this application?

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Stopping a deauth attack isn't easy. Your best course of action would be to find John Kiddie and make sure he never returns. You could also fight fire with fire and deauth John's AP right back.

Thoughts as to how you can find Mr. Kiddie.. Try find his location. See if a certain area of your coverage is being affected more than other areas. Have his MAC address ready it may come in handy when time comes to prove which device the deauth packets are originating from
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Man in the middle attack!!

If that happens, get the mac address of his her android phone and blacklist it. Maybe if you pick a wrong one you can remove and try the next one you suspect.

Also, if he she is using phone as ip so that people can connect, so you as well can connect, but to catch him.

Get one of those wifi field survey apps like aruba or wifi signal strength scanner. Connect to this suspect rogue AP and start signal scanning moving towards where it is coming from.

I bet if he sees you moving towards the device point he she will run away, at least you will have a face.
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