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Can someone please help me with codes to unlock sabc on wiz-223fta

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The first set of sabc channels r always scrambled in all fta dsrs. scroll to the next set of sabc channels usually they r  on channels hundred and something(if u havent moved any channels)  - these ones are descrambled in most wiztech dsrs by default.  if they are locked press the menu button on you remote and quickly enter the code 3030 - this should descramble them.........it works prefectly on a wiztech 555pvr and i suppose it should work for you.
in the long run consider getting a DELTECH dsr......ey r more powerful and hustle free.
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how to descramble sabc on deltech axis 360 decoder
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SABC haven't encrypted their signals yet so you don't need any codes. If you are having problems, first make sure that your dish is properly aligned and you have good "Signal Quality".
Make sure that you have the correct LNB settings. If everything is ok and you are still having problems then lastly have your decoder's firmware updated.
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