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Does anyone know? I know they have been labelled "clones" or "fake" but do they actually run on the same platforms as the phones they imitate?

For example, would a G-Tide that looks like a blackberry be able to run an app that is made for that blackberry?

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G-Tide uses  generic Chinese mobile operating  systems. Why? because

Android, Symbian, iOS or RIM are all proprietary software i.e software licensed under exclusive legal right of the copyright holder.The owner restricts use, inspection of source code, modification of source code, and redistribution.

In order to avoid prosecution for copyright infringement, G-Tide uses  generic Chinese mobile operating  systems. So a G-tide blackberry wont be able to run any apps made for the original Blackberry. The two phones may look the same but whats under the hood is totally different.
Thanks. So how would one go about writing an app for G-Tide phones? Would it have to be model by model or they use 1 generic OS across the board, if at all possible?
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Just a correction TechGuru. Android OS is not proprietary. It is governed by GPL v2. (General Public License). Even though it's "generally free" I would think that G-Tide's don't run it on account of hardware limitations. i.e Processor speeds etc. (i've seen most G-Tide's have a ridiculous amount of free internal memory like 300kb or something).
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Android is open source actually, if you want you can make your phone and just use android,free of charge
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