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I first started coming to techzim through the main site. There used to be a column on the right in all the article pages, showing a few of the most recent questions. It was a regular daily visit for me. But then techzim got redesigned and the column was removed. My visits quickly decreased until I had all but forgotten about this place until earlier this month: I just remembered it for some reason. Only to come and see the site is nearly dead now. TechZim has just been redesigned again and still I find no mention of TZ Answers anywhere. Have techzim abandoned this initiative and if so why? It was growing and vibrant. There was even a fun points system to keep users contributing. So what happened??? Do they want people to focus on whatsapp platforms instead even though whatsapp only has room for 256 in a group?

 I just don't understand TechZim, if you are paying hosting for this why wouldn't you just give it a small box on the main site to remind people its still there. Okay you lose that bit of ad space but then you can run MORE ads on THIS SPACE. Seems to me ads here could also work better if they are relevant to the questions being asked - they are more likely to get clicks wouldn't you say? Or is it that too many people clicking away from the main site and coming to TZ Answers after reading one article??? What really happened to cause this TZ Answers hate?

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Hi Alumoyo,

Sorry for the late response.

Techzim Answers has been running in auto-pilot mode for a while now.

We just found ourselves with a lot to do and it suffered.

We have made a decision to shut it down on 31 December 2018, unless something drastic happens.

We're sorry for letting the community down on this one.

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