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whatsapp is a great tool.....for consistent and constant
touch/communication with friends and family...lovers etc...i
especially love the free part of it...(come one..who doesnt love free things?though of course its technically not free since you have to
pay a dollar after a free trial period of one year and since it also
uses your internet connection for which you have to pay nevertheless the amount of internet charges it incurrs is so insignificant as to make no difference)

Unfortunately, the team behind WhatsApp neither ironed out the issue of battery consumption nor provided the users with a simple way to disable the application from running in the background upon exiting so that you may  save your battery or  concentrate on work or whatever ot at least be offline for a while.... sometimes i get more
than 200 messages and i am in a lecture or at work....or just want to have some alone time...and because of curiosity you are forced to
peep at it and the next thing all you are doing is whatsapp.non stop...

anways we always figure out a way around hurdles dont we?....and

google is our friend...hehehe....

NB most of the methods below deny internet access to all other


For iphone

you go settings>general>network>cellular data you turn it off and you are done

For blackberry

1)On the Home screen, click the connections area at the top of the
screen, or click the Manage Connections icon.
2)Click Mobile Network Options. Do one of the following:
 Set to off data services...
3)Press the Menu key > and then  Close .
and voila...all your applications wont be able to connect to the
internet(including whatsapp) until you set data services on again

For android fones
these vary but the concept is the same so  in general go to settings/Wireless&networks/Mobile
networks/ and then disable data access or turn offconnection to the internet. you can still I can receive calls, texts etc...on my htc
chacha...(rungs gingerbread) i go to wireless and networks then turn off connection to the internet under mobile network.

For nokia
for nokia there is no straight forward fix but you can download and

install NetQin Mobile Guard 3.0 for Symbian and run the app
This is how i force exit or close WhatsApp from running (even
background process) on my Nokia E52.

1) DOwnload and  Install NetQin Mobile Guard 3.0 for Symbian and run the application.
2)Click on OS Scan and NetQin will display a report after scanning
your phone.   
3)Go to "Auto-start apps" to disable WhatsApp from auto start
whenever the phone restarts.
4)Go to "Memory usage" to close currently running WhatsApp application.
WhatsApp is now completely turned off.

another method thoughless effective is to go to settings>phone>network and under networke mode change to gsm...

Disclaimer....  all  these tips work perfectly(at the time of writing) however i take no responsibility whatever  should you mess up your smartphone
Turn of whats app internet www.vickyhertz.com/how-to-turn-off-automatic-internet-connection-in-whatsapp-on-your-nokia-mobile.html
your methods don't work too!
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Or you can just set your whatsapp ringtone to silent
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You don't have to disable data access to turn off any application. That way, the inconveniences of having no data access far outweigh the supposed irritations the said app will be causing you in my opinion.

For those using Android phones its easy. Just go into Settings-->Applications. From here you have two options; 1. Choose Manage Applications, & you will be presented with about for tabs. Under any of these(esp the Downloaded or Running tabs, scroll down looking for the whatsapp app, tap it once & you are given options to either Force Stop, Uninstall, or Clear Data. Choose Force Stop, & confirm when asked. 2. If you choose Running Services the process is the same, look for whatsapp and force it to stop. If you wish to restart it just open the whatspp application and it'll start running again. Another way is just download a task killer from the Play Store, and use this to stop any application you wish, not just whatsapp.

This way you can continue using your phone normally without whatsapp annoying you. Disabling your data is not the best because what happens when you want to check your mail or surf the net? All those pending messages will come through and if you are trying to avoid someone they'll know you are back online. I don't wish to shoot down a suggestion made by someone but I thought the above solution could cause more issues than the one being solved. I don't know how to do it on an iPhone as I never owned one but I'd imagine the principle is the same. I also want to think iPhones come with built in task killers, any decent phone should allow you the option to stop any program without shutting another service down. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if there was no way to turn it off on an iPhone as its a rubbish phone; it doesn't give you the freedom to do what you want, install what you want, copy numbers or remove battery, can only download stuff from their store, etc. Its locked down like a landline that I ask myself what the point is. The only way to go round this is to jailbreak it, but why should it come to that for such an expensive gadget? I appreciate this thread is not about bashing the iPhone so I'll stop.
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hahahahaha...good one....maybe u have some personal scores to settle with iphones....but yeah...most of your points ake sense..its a rubbish phone for shoo....anways the disadvantage of forcing an app  to stop or using task managers to kill it is that the moment a new message comes in...whatsapp is so persistent and stubborn it will automatically open again(have tried it) so the only way when you want to be productive is to starve the app of an internet conexion
Turn off internet in Nokia www.vickyhertz.com/how-to-turn-off-automatic-internet-connection-in-whatsapp-on-your-nokia-mobile.html
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I use an app called whatsapp offline,u appear offline when you are in fact online,just so u can ignore the useless msgs and respond to important ones
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That was interesting! I never thought of search for such an app , but do you use it on your android? is it draining your battery or anything?
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I use it on my android tablet,and I have noticed that the battery life of the tablet is so good that the app does not cause any battery drain issues.
Hey will you send me the apk of whatsapp offline ? I'll b waitin for a reply ...u can send me by creating dropbox link !! Thnx a ton
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If u have this problem, maybe its time to migrate to WeChat
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What the best function in WeChat. wouldnt mind joining the network if its worth it.
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Dont even think about weChat. I had & after 50 invitatios from China i removed it. Its not well thought out, Viber is better.
i hate wechat gosh, check out this new robot http://xnaija.net/new-robots-that-look-exactly-like-human/
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Maybe Whatsapp isnt for you..
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This one is my personal trick for Android. No 3rd party apps, no switching off your data.

If you use an Android device, you can make WhatsApp refresh messages ONLY when you open the app. It’s superbly easy:

1. Go to your device’s Settings
2. Scroll down to Data Usage, in the Wireless & Networks category
3. Find WhatsApp in the apps listed, select it
4. At the bottom you’ll see a checkbox labelled Restrict background data. Check it

What this does is prevent WhatsApp from accessing the internet when it is not the app that’s currently open. So whenever you need to check on messages just tap it open, and when you are done replying close it.

Source: http://blog.pay4app.com/post/59573983707/pro-tip-muting-whatsapp-on-android-without-switching
I can't find Data Usage. I've got an LG Optimus 3 and it's not under "Wireless and Networks". Any idea where I can find it?
thanks..exactly what i was looking for!!
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i think watsapp is grt and u can do alot of productivity with it
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and  watsapp is very cheap  way for communication
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You can download netqin security,
Open fire wall ane add whatsapp as untrusted softwere.
whenever you'll like to use,
Set as trusted.
Easy and good feature is netqin security for symbian mobile
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There is a better way to stop connectivity of whatsapp on nokia s40,s60 mobiles. When whatsapp is on . Just turn on the mail box that is present in the menu. Then diplay will show '  there are too many applications are running ' and ask to stop application. From that select whats app to close. Then whatsapp will turn off temporarily. And you can do the same procedure for  future.
The perfect way! Thanks a lot.
Thanks......praveen-asrith....! I found new way........!!!
i want to use mobile data and I want to deactivate whatsup
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