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How To Build It.

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How to design a website in Zimbabwe

This is a how-to guide on how one can design a website up and running       

Estimated cost: USD100

1. A computer with Internet access
2. Cash or credit/debit card for payments

1. A Domain
2. A Web Designer
3. A Web Host

Steps 1: Buy a domain from a domain registrar.
A domain is an address for your website eg https://www.cee.co.zw

Steps 2: Hire a Web Designer
Find a web designer to write your website using HTML technologies. A web designer designs a website for you eg CEE Creative Zimbabwe.

Steps 3: Buy a web host server
Buy a web host server from web hosting providers. A web host server is a computer with an Internet connection, where your written website is installed

Steps 4: Configure the Domain
Point your domain to your web host server using name servers.

Steps 5: Configure the Web Host Server
Upload your website, HTML files, to the web host server.

Allow your website to propagate on DNS servers around the world
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Good day

We can assist in website development for your business. We are a South African based company run by Zimbabweans, we came across your post and we are trying to tap into the Zimbabwean market.

Let us know what type of website you require so that we may assist further.


Victor Tholana

www.ascentiumapps.co.za   | cell 0027765524200
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