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I noticed this issue about 2monthes ago... firist  I noticed  disappearance of old whats app  call history logs..then few days later I noticed a progressive contenious loss of my earlier text messages of the old chat..as each day I found disappearance of 3 or four messages from the old  chats., which is still existed till the current moment... I sent whatsApp support  many messages over last two monthes but till now they did not stop this loss or fix this issue..even they did not give me a clear answer.. although I have sent them all data that they asked for to fix this error..as well I have joined the beta version of whatsApp as they recomended for me  to help them to  diagnose the error or fix the problem ..but  no use..the delete is still runing every day as soon as I turn on mobile network messages loss starts..can you give me an explaination or help me to stop this process of messages loss as it so disappointing to loose   important data that    I have stored  for years without known reason .really I need to stop this damage..please help

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