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What is the best way to make money online from Zimbabwe?

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First off, no quick money making online. Usually scams, unless solid avoid like a plague. Real money online involves hard work although that hard work may and often pays and continues to pay (my preference - long after the hard work has been endured as passive income).

- Freelancing (writing, programming, designing etc)
- Information blog (s) / website (s) (that you build yourself and sell own products or affiliate products)
- Forex trading (personally avoids)
- Binary Trading (made some good money, but generally stay away because you are trading against others on the same platform (fishing in same pond) so there will always be winners and losers)

By the way, money can also be made here in Zim online (i.e from Zimbabwean market). Whatsapp and Facebook has made that possible.

Hope this helps
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