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This is how the pros turbocharge their home internet, for the cheapest possible price...

Does it take forever for your WiFi connection to load a single web page? Well, we can explain why your WiFi connection sucks!

We now know its because ISP's (internet service provider) are selling us cheap, substandard wifi routers. This is a common trick they use, so that customers need to pay more and upgrade to get the good and fast internet speeds across their whole home...

But what if you're on the cheaper packages as well? Unfortunately, you'll struggle to even watch HD videos on Youtube or Netflix.

It doesn't seem fair, does it?

However, now there's a new device that solves this and many more frustrating Wi-Fi problems!

The Inventor Has Solved Slow Internet!
Okay seriously, this is just brilliant.

It's the idea of an ex-engineer of one of the largest internet providers in Zimbabwe. While working there he hated that Internet operators were slowing down speeds. Customers were getting a fraction of the speeds they were actually paying for...

And didn't seem right to him.

So, he developed a device that boosts the ISP's signal across his entire house. At the same time, it greatly increases the range and speed of your existing home WiFi. Finally, this device is so simple, that anyone with no technical knowledge could use it.

He called it 'SuperBoost'.

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