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I want to build a gaming pc so I want to know where I can get these items in Harare
Graphics card
Storage 1TB HDD
Power supply
And a SSD  For Booting Purposes only

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3 Answers

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I want a Socket AM3 mobo with AMD Phenom II X4 960T BE   
LGA 1156 mobo with core i52500K cpu
GPU-Radeon hd6850 or any decent one that you recommend.
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mmm AMD processor and board; well those are hard to find but as for the other products try Rumikon Computers t/a Matrix Warehouse East Road in Avondale (250354) but i would advise you to consider socket 1155 mainly so that you will continue to have an upgrade path for your processor from the current Sandy Bridge to IvyBridge, 1156 is dead tech and a minium 600w PSU for that GPU series range.
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k, will visit this shop and get some real gaming antique
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What type of board (socket 775; 1155? etc)
What type of processor (i7; i5 ; quad core ?)
Again what type of GPU. (radeon HD 5***; 6***; 7*** series?)
Or rather whats your budget range and which type of games (bf3;cod; crysis2 etc) are looking to play so that we can have a guideline on what and where to recommend.
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try this shop along g silundika just after econet first street have forgotten the name now,...its upstairs...
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I think you mean ZLG (the Chinese shop) though i doubt he will find what he needs in there.
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