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i setup a server on centos using postfix and dovecot
i can send but cannot receive even on the lan
what mite be the problem

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There are different reasons why your POP3/IMAP server could be down. As a first step can you check if your MTA is listening on the ports 143 / 110 & 995 ?


root@intranet:~# netstat -na |grep 110
tcp        0      0                  LISTEN     
tcp        0      0                 LISTEN     
root@intranet:~# netstat -na |grep 143
tcp        0      0                  LISTEN     
root@intranet:~# netstat -na |grep 995
tcp        0      0                  LISTEN  

If one or all of the above is not listenining then that's where your problem is on the setup of postfix & listening ports.

again so your mail log should be another place to check.while you are trying to check the mails on LAN or WAN, Login as a sudoer or root and check the maillog see example below.

root@intranet:~# tail -f /var/log/mail.log

Check for obvious error messages.
Below is a sample successful mail log from one of the servers i manage.
Sep 23 21:50:23 intranet dovecot: pop3-login: Login: user=<shepherd@botsnet.bw>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, TLS
Sep 23 21:50:23 intranet dovecot: POP3(shepherd@botsnet.bw): Disconnected: Logged out top=0/0, retr=0/0, del=0/4, size=9041

If you have iptables firewall please enable the ports used by your mail server. I would recommend ports 25 / 587 / 143 / 110 & 995

should you want assistance send me a mail at shepherd AT botsnet.bw or shepherdzw AT gmail.com
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