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i have recently installed telone adsl at my place, thing is my huawei adsl splitter is connected to a huawei router using rj11 cables and this makes it harder for me to access the internet when there is no electricity for the router needs it to be functional, i was wondering if there is a way for me to connect my laptop which has an ethernet port to the adsl splitter which has rj11 /phone connections so i can make use of the internet even when i ain t got no electricity...major setback

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It's possible that is if your ISP has PPPOE

1. First, you need to select Start -> Control Panel
2. click Network and Internet
3. click Network and Sharing Center
4. In this step, please click Set up a new connection or network in Change your network settings sector
5. During this time a pop-up window will be shown and click Connect to the Internet
then click Next button
6. click Set up a new connection anyway
7. Please click Broadband(PPPoE)
8. Now, please fill out your account information that provided by ISP and then click Connect
9. If your connection has been established, then you will be able to see this well-established connection through the bottom right corner click on the Network internet access icon i.e. On Windows 7.
10. if you want to modify this connection profile, please click Change adapter settings after select Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center
11. Here you can see the Broadband Connection profile
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the major issue  is how he can connect the rj11 to the rj45 port on his laptop
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thanks for that insight now my problem is that of different connections, the splitter has got an rj11 port which is slightly smaller than the normal ethernet port found on my lap top , i have walked around town hoping i would get maybe a cable with both rj11 and rj45/ethernet male connectors or at least 'a female rj11-to male ethrnet adapter but that was all to no avail...if yu know any place i could get such an accessory or somebody who can make such a cable for me i would be very greatfull....thanks in advance
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you can get a RJ11 to RJ45 Converter from amazon or other online stores. You can try to find someone who is abroad to buy it for you then post it, you kno all the stories about sanctions l guess.

the female rj11-to male ethrnet adapter is type B. But you can just buy a cable made specifically for that, amazon is charging around $0.60
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