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I have been trying to setup a cellular modem (Sierra Airlink GX450) to send emails via SMTP and a gmail account. The mobile network is Netone. I use the following settings

APN: internet.netone
smtp server: smtp.gmail.com
port: 587 (TLS)
username: [my gmail address]
password: [my password]

Similar settings have been used successfully on some other networks in other countries (Malawi, Zambia, UK). Whats more, the SIM card has access to the internet - when using the modem as a WiFi access point it is possible to browse the Web.

So my theory is that for some reason Netone does not play nice with smtp forwarding. I tried to call Netone support and they suggested to buy a Netone modem, but offered no suggestions for how to set up my existing modem or what the cause of the problems are. I have also tried using a yahoo mail account and smtp settings with no luck.

Has anyone had a similar problem in the past? Or knows something about why this is happening? Should we try a different network?

Many thanks for your help!

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