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Doing a analysis of my data usage over the last two months i have found out that these services/ apps, which i consider unnessecary , had used over 25% of my total data usage
OS SERVICES used 7.8 %
DIALER  used  3.6 %
TOTAL     28.6% of my overall usage for the past two month (i used abt 800mb in the last 2months what it means is these services used more than  200 mb)
How does one get to block these service/ apps from using my data bundles cause re is no option of uninstalling them.
N.B i dont nt use google maps or other gps apps that might want to use my location.

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Those are core services in Android. Those cant be blocked. The internet makes smartphones, smartphones.
You could try an app called 'DroidWall'. It blocks a lot, not too sure about the android processes themselves. Your phone has to be rooted though.
You could also use an app called 'Onavo Count', doesnt require root, and you can set limits to the data you want to use. You can also get it to restrict certain apps to WIFI only and not your mobile data. And it reports when an app is hogging your data.
I use Onavo. Its a free app that allows you to monitor your usage and even cap it. You can restrict apps to use WiFi only etc. It has saved me some real dough!
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You have background data disabled?
Settings->battery & data manager->data delivery->background data

Another option is to create a addition blank APN and switch to it whenever you are done using data consciously.
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Its thanks for tip. Though OS service still a notably high consumer after disabling background data.
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This is the BEST app yet, that stops apps and services from accessing your data without your express permission. Great app, I have used it and it stops EVERY app, regardless where it is an Android native service or not, so long as you don't grant it permission.

It is called NoRoot Firewall. (Downloadable here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.greyshirts.firewall&hl=en).

Good luck in stopping access to your data services with this app. It is the best, greatest and best of all it works!!!
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turn off all background data and all sync proccesses
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first step click menu> then setting after setting go to application manager and wipe to right side u will runnings applications and u must stop them . thats all. thank you
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