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Yes, there are many types of cabinet made as per requirements. Some of these include:
1.    Shaker:
Shaker style cabinets are in trend today. This type of kitchen cabinets consists of five pieces of flat-panel. These offer stylish aura. Shaker style works with both traditional and contemporary designs. Such cabinets have various trademark qualities as well.
2.    Louvered
Louvered cabinet Vancouver consists of horizontal wooden slats and are highly costly well. These are apt for places that demand ventilation because many of such doors have gaps between each slat.
3.    Flat-Panel or Slab
A flat panel is also called slap. It is a flat panel with cabinet doors that are luxurious.
They appear to be simple but are suited for both contemporary and modern kitchen.
4.    Inset
As per the name, these kitchen cabinets are made up of an inset door created inside the cabinet. These are built using marvelous and exact measurements to make sure that the wood adjusts the frame and opens and closes in the right manner.

Inset cabinets proffer classy advent to kitchens.

For more information, please visit www.centurycabinets.ca

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