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There is a range of tiles that can be used, the price of these vary as per their quality. This is the best way of home improvement. Some these tiles include:

1.    Ceramic Tiles

❖    These are manufactured with the material that is used for manufacturing porcelain tiles, but the only difference is that these are finely ground.

❖    Due to this reason, these bathroom tiles can be used in flooring as well as for walls and offer beautiful advent.

❖    Ceramic Tiles are water resistant and are affordable as well.
❖    These come in numerous colors and styles, they proffer an opulent look.

2. Mosaic Tiles
❖    These are highly in trend nowadays.

❖    They are made up of many types of materials like ceramic, glass and marble.

❖    These are minute in size and when brought together they form adorable patterns.

3. Vinyl  Tiles

❖    These are considered as one of the foremost choices for home improvement.

❖    Vinyl tiles require less maintenance, and can resist huge amounts of wear and tear.

❖     These are highly affordable.

For more information, please visit www.siennarenovation.ca

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