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I received a transaction notification on Saturday 17 July 2021 from EcoCash of a deduction from my wallet into their  Econet Banking Services Merchant account. I sought for an answer from them via their Twitter account on what this could be for. To my surprise they told me it was of a failed Bank to wallet or vice versa transaction that happened on 15/08/2019 were they are recovering the charges. 2019 for real and got deducted in 2021. Its quite a small figure of RTGS150 but I have had an experience with Steward Bank before and once this starts to happen they wont stop and I ended up leaving Steward Bank with so many cases being unresolved. Besides 150 in 2019 was still quite reasonable and how have they reached that figure.

Now when I talked to them on Twitter they requested my corporate email so that they can send me a statement only to refuse afterwards citing some security issues which confused me coz you can still verify one's identify. There are so many ways.

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