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Good Morning,

I read most if your articles with great interest, and am hoping you can help me to understand the situation where we are at the moment.  

We have moved to a house on a farm in Melfort area. There is a disconnected phone line in the house  the landlord who lives next door has Telone fibre connected and working in his house.

We have been told by Telone that they cannot connect us to our own Fibre WiFi because "there are no spare lines". Does this mean that there is some sort of "box" or unit which, for example, has 20 lines and once they are all allocated no more can be added? I am trying to figure out a way of finding a solution but need to understand how the system works first!

Please can you explain how this all works?

Kind Regards,

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You are not far off. From my understanding, when TelOne services an area, they work out how many subscribers they wish to service in that area in their network planning phase and so when they roll out the service it is possible that allocation of materials or bandwidth for that area can get exhaused before all potential customers are satisfied.

It should not be a big issue though. If the demand is there, service in the area can be expanded to cater for unforseen demand. What TelOne might be facing is shortage of materials and equipment to perform the service expansion. This is just my guess. It's something that they (TelOne) are in a much better position to comment on.

Interesting is if they cannot at all serve you fiber, they could have offered you an alternative like VSAT or a leased line where they pull a separate link just to service you. These are more expensive compared to existing Fiber but they are some options they could have pitched to you if they could not do anything about expanding the existing network.
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