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We want to launch an online advertising for a new service. It's not related to the internet. we don't have a website yet but we have someone working on it. My question is what our options are and which methods are most effective:
- using google adverts
- classifieds
- dipleague
- herald
- newsday
- dailynews

Anyone with experience running internet ads in Zimbabwe?

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3 Answers

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Facebook is a great place as long as you're playing by the rules. Great platform to have a conversation going about your products!
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It depends & I think you will be better able to answer this question once you have identified your target market. Which is your target audience?
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online advertising but then not related to the internet? what do u mean sir?
by new here (140 points)
In my opinion , resources permitting you can tick all the boxes and go after each channel. Dipleague is cool becuase its free, google adverts -cost effective and measurable if you know what you are doing. As for the online news portal , it depends on the the advertising package they give you, i.e. cost per impression, cost per click or a fixed price.
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