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newbie, looking to learn something relevant to trends and projects out there. and neat to use

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I'm a web developer and have been developing professionally for two years. What is important, based on my experience is understanding what is happening, under the hood. Which is to say, you need to understand programming first, then choose a framework to work with.

Don't debate about frameworks or systems to work with as of right now, rather, concentrate more on understanding design patterns and programming. I would recommend you try learn HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript to get a firm grip of what they are capable of. It will be useful later on when you compare frameworks and choose one to focus on.

Joomla does have a bad name, but it's an awesome framework - when it is in the right hands. One huge drawback of these frameworks is that they tend to lose sight of the goal and you end up battling with their tiny nitty gritties in terms of language, conventions, etc and it will basically be shooting in the dark. With a solid understanding of core concepts, you can get all this stuff much, much faster.

When all is said and done, ditch Joomla and head over to http://drupal.org! *shameless self promotion* then you follow me on twitter @therealchiko , would be happy to share what I can.
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Don't learn Joomla! I'll repeat: don't learn Joomla. Or Drupal. Or Wordpress. Or any CMS.

Learn PHP & MySQL programming, learn coding, development, principles of web design.

THEN you can use Joomla or any other CMS, and you'll know how to customise it, modify it, fully implement it, hack it and most importantly, SECURE it.
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completely agree, best to learn actual code (html, css, php, javascript), you will then be able to manipulate any CMS out there. Just dont waste your time on asp.net - php is the way forward
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Joomla is a great CMS,limited imo its worth learning if you are going to be taking on projects that are suited for it. You cant expect to build the next Facebook using Joomla thats for sure, you could also try https://www.concrete5.org/  its much more easier to learn  .  just my 2 cents
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to say its not worth learning is a bit mischievous, however its always wise to be proficient with more than one tool (i chose tool instead of language since joomla isnt a language but a cms) anways...perhaps u wld consider grasping the basics of mysql, php, python and javascript like others pointed out...... wouldnt say its worthless, many a time joomla saves a day, google some big and popular sites that are running on joomla...you would be suprised.
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