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asked by Guru (27.3k points)
we all know how rigorous it is to be fluent in all these programming languages and the meticulousness it demands, (i hate code and only code when i cant find someone else to do it) was just wondering  how much  hardworking programmers earn in general ranges given the current stae of our techno-economic environment in zim ? oh...and whilst am on that which branch of IT is tops right now(in terms of financial attractiveness) Systems, database mgmt, networking and of course progamming?

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Programming is very relevant and worth it, I think that Zim lacks real programmers, we are not seeing much innovation in that space. I know its at least pays big money in south africa.
commented by Guru (27.3k points)
i knw its very relevant and worth to learn..but does it pay?
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Yes it pays. Just remember something: If you hate programming then save yourself the stress and leave good quality code good.
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