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Can anybody please recommend a premium SMS provider for Zimbabwe? I did a couple of google searches but could not find any that supports Zimbabwe. thanks in advance.

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please explain more what you mean. Give examples of such in other countries for example. maybe we have but just call them something different.
It is the five or six digit SMS text number that is used for mobile marketing
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The company I work for (Connection Software, www.csoft.co.zw) sell offers SMS services and charges 4.99 cents for each local SMS and about 13 cents for each international SMS. You can come to our office at Suite 8 2nd Floor, St. Annes Court, 110 Nelson Mandela Rd (Between 4th and 5th Street. Or call me on the numbers below for a demo of our systems:

Landline: 0868300136
Mobile: 0773269075

The services we offer include the following:
- Full Message History by e-mail daily, weekly or monthly - full records to analyse at leisure
- Real Time Delivery Receipts
- Delayed message delivery so you can schedule messages for delayed delivery     
- 2 way text messaging - we deliver mobile users' MO (Mobile Originated) replies back to you       
- Daily STOP LIST Email - if you have have a 2 way service or a numeric Originator Address address.
- Set the Originator Address field to your brand name       
- Send SMS from a local directory - drop a file into a network directory (DropIt application)       
- Global MMS coverage - deliver pictures, sounds and java applications almost anywhere on this earth       
- Software Solutions
- unlimited free support via the website, by email or phone
- Network & Gateway Performance Reports in real time all the time
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i have this encountr with an sms, mms provider and it offers sms, mms serice at a lucrative price and also very efficient and rreliable in terms of delivering your smses globally. I recommend you try csoft.co.zw or visit their offices at no.8 st annes court, corner 5th and nelson mandela. Ref
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Zimbabwe SPs are failing to provide premium services to there customers l dont think they can service such a specialized market
Technologically the providers are capable of doing it, they do not want to for economic reasons.

Her is the reasoning I got from them in a meeting at Econet.  Zimbabweans do not have disposable income so most have set aside eg $10 a month for their prepaid cellphone.  If they spend all $10 on msgs econet get 100% of it, but if you start dling ringtones or soccer scores for $1 a month most will not go out and buy another $1 of airtime like people do in countries where they have more money available.  So by econet's reasoning providing such services means less money to econet (in this case $9 + $0.4 from the premium).

That said Econet have done it for a couple of people like the Herald and Childline and Telecel are really starting to push a lot more functionality to attract customers.
Thank you for the answear, the reason I brought up this question is the below article I came across in the local newspaper and I am wondering who provided them with Premium SMS service?

"itllusion is giving away 300 cellphones!

SMS the word “mobiplay” to 31110 to get exciting and hidden facts about your mobile phone and stand a chance to win one of 300 Nokia 1202 cellphones!

Premium Rates Apply, SMS cost US$0.50.
hi. i was also researching this idea and found your answer very helpful. I however would like to ask for some advice as I would like to speak to a representative from Econet to pitch a potential idea that I have that utilizes the above services. I presume that since you were in a meeting with them you may be in a position to help. Thanks, you can reach me at esr347@gmail.com
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