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am running on win7 64bit
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The process of downloading and installing the software Bluestacks is easy. The installation procedure will ask if you need App Store access and App notifications. Enable those and continue to install.
enter here to finish: https://whatsappformypc.com/download-whatsapp-for-pc
You might get notification asking for the graphics drivers to be upgraded.

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u will need an android simulator to run your whatsapp.

first step get bluestack app and install it then follow instructions

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U need to download youwave, it's an android emulator u can use to run whatsapp on PC
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No you dont. Whats app is not specifically made for android!!! There is whats app for apple, blackbery, symbian, android and windows. You just need to download the correct version and install it.
And please dont advise people about things you dont know about.
relax buddy.u can install whatsapp on a pc after u install an android simulator ok.

Robert Ndlovu
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art_arev you are dangerously confident of your self.. give others a chance and don't ever think you know it all.... unless your answer was just humor of which I did have a great laugh. Thanks for that.
Call what you will sir.Fact and not an opinion.I run whatsapp on Windows machine using bluestack appliance.No need to get personal if you cant get it to work ask we might help.Confident yes I am but on this one I am right too!

Robert Ndlovu
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Rob my response was towards art_rev not you... but in any case you both right just that art_ may not know that bluestacks is just another emulator like youwave.... So for the sake of helping the person who asked can we at all agree that one needs a compatible android emulator in which whatsapp will run... I also learnt that on this very forum
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How about installing java on tha pc
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Kikikikiki emotions running hie. Okay. Use both Youwave and Bluestacks...
m failing to run blue stacks, cant run or open it even after several attempts of downloading it
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Try youwave 3.18 .  Free ten day trial then you need to purchase or get creative!
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You can install Whats app on your laptop or pc by following the below written simple steps.

1. Download software named Bluestack and install it on your system.
2. Enter whats app in the search bar and install it from there by clicking on the install button.
3. You will need to sync it with your gmail account.
4. Enter your correct mobile number
5. A confirmation message will be recieved on your mobile phone with a verification code
6. Enter this verification code and your name in laptop software.

Now a basic mobile user can also use whats app from his laptop.
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Well, its possbile with http://www.whatsappforpcr.com
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Yes you can install whatsapp on your computer, by using bluestacks.
@ http://www.mwhatsappforpc.com
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