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theres not really a 1 size fits all answer here.

for outside of zimbabwe you really need to pick a location where you can have a bank account and setup either a merchant account or use an available payment gateway that can connect to your bank account such as Paypal

from there you would have to build a site that can sell goods there are a variety of ecommerce solutions out there that are paid or free, but if you are not confident with coding i would recommend hiring a developer to help you build the site as there are many security considerations such as SSL certificates, PCI Compliance etc, which are especially critical if you want to accept credit cards on your site

for the Zim side its roughly similar but your payment gateways are limited - it is probably in your best interests to run them seperately or to run from outside of zimbabwe and have people use VISA cards to pay from within Zimbabwe or some other offline payment method
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