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This depends on the email hosting service you setup

if your domain comes with hosting that includes email accounts then most likely yes - ask your provider for the settings

if your domain does not come with any hosting then no it wont by default - you can sign up for a google apps account which allows you to have what looks like a gmail account just with your own domain - follow the instructions over at google apps - google does support microsoft outlook - i would recommend using the IMAP service over the POP3 service because you then keep a backup of your email in the cloud


i just reread your question,

Short answer is no you cant, long answer there is a possible workaround (if your domain host supports it) is to forward email from your .co.zw domain to your outlook.com email address
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You can't. At least not with outlook.com, but you can with domains.live.com
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This is a little late but yes you can now.


is the link that will take you through the signup etc. and its free!
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Yes, you can. Your domain registrar or DNS service provider will need to point the MX records to outlook.com and also create the necessary records to verify the domain (outlook.com) will provide the records.

Webdev can set that up for you if you register your domain through them (they nedd to have control of the domains DNS record)
Is this answer true or false? What kind of dumb cunt just downvotes a reply without commenting?
The above answer, at the time of writing was and is still true. I did set up a couple of domains for clients on outlook.com during my time as a sys admin at Webdev.
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