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Need to know what cvpeople are using for their website etc.

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Its likely been built in house theres no obvious markers that it was built by a dev company - unless the contract was such that they couldn't have a link/mention on the site (because a lot of developers like to have there name on a site where they can because its much better publicity than just mentioning on there own site)

I cant see any obvious tell tail signs of a particular CMS being used from viewing the html source

server headers show apache so its very probably a custom built PHP application rather than a specific CMS - especially as there site functions are not easily performed by most existing CMS/Applications out of the box (not saying its impossible but likely much simpler to do with a custom build)
Not inhouse dev. Developers are very competent and have come a long way(many years) with that application. It is even more sophisticated than it seems already. All I can say
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interesting... what evidence do you have to back up that claim that its not in house?
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