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you cant have more than 2 whatsapp numbers on a single phone

you would have to reset whatsapp on your wifes phone, the easiest way that i know how assuming she has a different number (eg you didnt give her your sim as well) would be to simply sign in to whatsapp on your new phone with old number - this would break the link on the old phone and require a new account/number to be used to login/signup (note that its possible to use the old number again but it would break the link on the new phone as you cant have your whatsapp number active on more than 1 device either)

if thats not possible/doable then you should be able to just remove the app completely from the phone unless she wants to use it?

whatsapp is tied to your number so if the number stayed with the phone you cant really move the whatsapp account to the new phone
Depending on what operating system you have there are apps that can backup your whatsapp chats to your memory card or memory and then transfer that to the new phone and restore it
You can then reset the phone to Factory defaults and you wife can download what apps she needs
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The easiest way is to uninstall whatsapp in yr wifes phone while your sim card is in the phone. Then insert your wifes sim in the same phone and download and install whatsapp with her sim. Last but not least put your sim in your new phone and download and install whatsapp.
Good luck
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