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I'm looking to pursue IT, but don't know which courses to study, any advice on good IT courses on offer in Harare?

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IT is very broad and choosing courses usually is a personal decision based on your qualification, affordability and personal likes...but that said here are some hints.

NUST/UZ/MSU and other universities offer various IT degrees that are very good and are very competitive world-wide. If you cant go to varsity, you can still do Diploma in IT at various Polytechnics across the country.

IT itself is very broad and is divided into various "subjects" as follows:

Database Administration
System admin
Hardware Engineering
Project Management
Internet concepts & Technology.
And more
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Try & start with PC Maintenance and Servicing from the University Of Zimbabwe Computer Centre. You can also further your knowledge with Data Communications & Networking, Linux Administration,Linux Security &Services, Windows Server Administration,Oracle DB Administration and so on. all these are available at UZ.

Should you want to beef it up then Go to McMaine School of computers after UZ studies & get a diploma or hnd of the equivalent courses.With these you can start your own SMB or work as an IT tech or admin.With expirience you can be a good IT Engineer.

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