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Perform the Picture Test
Menu - Support - Self Diagnosis - Picture Test, if the picture displays with colour then it might be a problem with the signal.
Make sure the AV cables are working and connected into the proper jacks, e.g  you can't connect composite video signal into HD video port.
Try setting the Sound Mode to Standard and set 3D Audio to Off.
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Be sure to check if you are using the component connection on your TV, it needs ALL THREE cables to give you a complete image unlike AV which needs only one. one of the component ports on my brothers TV also doubles for the AV so look into that as well.
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unless its zhing zhong and hence an imitation, chances are you skipped some crucial setting or tweak on the manual. is the arial set allright and stuff?
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Check colour system on your menu and make sure you connected on AV and not RGB.
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