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Dear, all

Can you help me ? I would like to know more detail about " How The sun tracker work ?? " look like in this web  http://www.techzim.co.zw/2011/02/research-intellectual-expo/

it was build by the faculty of Agriculture at the University of Zimbabwe

thank you for your advance help


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3 Answers

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its better u contact the department directly . u can get their contact details at the following website www.uz.ac.zw
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Here's how I heard it explained (I may miss a few things but it's a rough idea and like the other commenter says, contacting the UZ is your best bet)

- The parabolic trough in the pictures (http://www.techzim.co.zw/2011/02/research-intellectual-expo/) collects the solar.
- the trough is connected to the tracker which the unit to its left that has  the green bucket. This tracker is capable of moving the trough as the sun moves during the day.
- As you can see from the pictures, there tracker has a silver colored container at the bottom. This container is attached to a chain which moves the trough.
- The silver container receives water in trickles from the green bucket and the brown container(below the green bucket).
- As the silver container gets heavier from the water it is receiving, it then starts moving the weighing down on the chain, which in turn moves the trough.
- The water trickling is designed in such a way that only enough gets into the container to follow the sun's position.

I hope this gives you a rough picture. I can try to explain more if there's any particular part of the answer you need elaborated.
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Thank you very much !! Soul Kabweza  for your help.

but I think , It's hard to contact the UZ because I don't know about the Author of this research. I don't have any detail except The parabolic trough in the pictures (http://www.techzim.co.zw/2011/02/research-intellectual-expo/)

Don't worry , I'll try to do it best by myself .  ^____^)

Yeah !!!!! yoh !!!!!!!!

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