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Anybody else having issues with Win 8 and usb, I had no problems with Win 7 64 bit but now every so often it randomly drops my usb WIFI and keyboard as well as trackball, BUT it doesn't drop my mouse (mouse on the right, trackball on the left).

Any suggestions?

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Now I am assuming your copy of Win 8 is genuine. Go to windows update and update your system. If you dont have genuine Windows I suggest you downgrade back to Win 7. In any case a rushed update to new software is not wise unless you are a developer who wants to swat some bugs. Windows 8 is a defacto beta version and most developers are still updating their Win apps for Metro and all the other cheezy stuff that comes with 8. Rest assured if you do not downgrade you are likely to be visiting this site a lot looking 4 answers.
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its more than likely the drivers for the usb devices you have attached are not yet fully win 8 ready/compatible, best to check with the manufacturers for updated drivers (its always best to do this before updating your OS in future!)

how are the devices plugged into your computer?

i have known usb hubs to go bad on rare occasion causing similar effects
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i have the same problem,
wifi, usb hard drives and keyboard disconnect (mouse works as well), then there is the "usbstick plugin sound" and all devices are ready to use again. no workaround till now..
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