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I think Dropbox just updated my shared files by deleting the most recent versions, eating up a day's work in the process. Just me or Dropbox has acted this funny for someone else out there. I'm at the point of just dropping it and going to Google Drive.

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I've found in my personal experience that google drive experience was worse (at least on mac) i ended up having to abandon it and fall back to dropbox - i also dont like how it would forcibly default to using google docs or google spreadsheet for xls or doc files

that said i have had similar issues before but only when on dodgy net connections that were intermittent and making a lot of changes in a short period of time and the all the dropped connections to the dropbox service got the sync application confused.

there have been some possible bugs previously where by you would have similar effects due to having a corrupt hard drive/storage and not actually storing the file properly and dropbox not detecting that and uploading the corrupted/dead file

that said i should make a point that dropbox really shouldn't be considered a backup service - i'd always recommend having some other form of backup of dropbox files the versioning feature is a nice idea but is no real protection from this kind of issue

I'd also recommend if you are expecting to be on a very poor internet connection to pause your syncing while making updates and only resume syncing before you log off or when you are back on a more reliable internet connection
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l dont have much on dropbox but its looking solid on mine, Ubuntu server.
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I havn't had any issues with DBox.

When Ggle Drive was launched, I tried it out of excitement and was so disappointed. I only lasted 2 weeks. first thing I didn't like was that I couldn't store mp3s or exe...i don't know why. then their terms of service. then their Google docs integration, then their ugly boring look and feel. I have since settled for both DBox (free)  and MS Skydrive (i pay $20 a yr)

And just to show you how reliable these 2 are, I now operate almost 100% "in the cloud", I don't have a hard drive any more, the flash I have is just for music in my car!!! I decided to go "clouding" after my 1TB HDD crashed while I was in Malawi. I lost so much stuff, I was almost admitted in hospital!!
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I like the point on using at least two services just have to figure out how to sync Dbox and skydrive they both seem great with me
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